A picture is worth a thousand words or A moment in time.

The article linked to this assignment was an exciting read. I found inspiration from the tip that said to take a picture from multiple perspectives. More importantly, it states that it helps to change your perspective as the photographer. I think this rule can be applied to life in general.

It is always good to have an open mind because often, when someone is concrete in their way of thinking, it can lead to stubbornness and warped reality. One of the cornerstones to learning is keeping an open mind, especially when studying scientific material. Think of all the ideas that people once had and have since been proven wrong. Now consider that what we know today may not be factual.

I took some photos of a trail I like to walk and ride my bike on over the past years. These photos show the change in the season and how light can change the impact of a picture.

I am also including some pictures of the wildlife that visits my home looking for food. I enjoy the spring and summer seasons the most as you get to see more wildlife!


– selection: This dictates the story of the photo.
– contrast: I think the contrast of a photo can alter the mood because it can change the appearance of a photo.
– perspective: This too changes the appearance but in a physical way rather than altering the lighting during editing.
– depth: Depth can add emphasis to a picture; think of a photo of the Grand Canyon and how a landscape shot can show all the details of such a momentous location.
– balance: This is important because you want the attention to be drawn to the center of the shot.
– moment: These are for action and historical context, capturing a once-in-a-lifetime moment.
– lighting: I believe this is the most important in the list because improper lighting will change the outcome of the photo, as too much light can drown out the subject.
– foreground/background: These factors should be considered, but it depends on the use of the photo. For example, a business photo should have a neat, clean background, whereas something casual does not matter as much.


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  1. these photos are really good! how in the world did you take the pictures of the animals?? the river is such a good place to take photos, even if its a super rainy day I feel like its also photogenic. good job at analyzing the different aspects to a photo!

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