Back Again, With More Answers

I decided to do a follow-up assignment to one I did last week. I am answering all of the remaining questions for this assignment. It was a bit funnier this time around, but I think the person who created the original project did a fantastic job. Their acting skills were over the top =]

I did some thinking and talked to several people in the class about different programs everyone has been using for video editing. In the end, I decided to stick with Final Cut Pro, and now I have a better understanding of breaking up the clips and using the scissors tool. I cut the video into little segments and then added my snapshots.

My inspiration for this project was to complete the entire video, as well I wanted to stick with the efforts I had previously made learning this new program. I already have another idea brewing for the video assignments!


  1. How is Final Cut Pro compared to the other software? I haven’t used that yet and I’m curious. I’m assuming it might be less user-friendly, but perhaps have some cool features that the others don’t?

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