Bringing some joy to the close of the semester!

Well, we have made it! What a semester, I think this one takes the cake so far! I can definitely say that I have learned quite a lot from this class! For my final project, I decided to spread some joy and play music from an upcoming audition that I have. I was very fortunate to have my friend Roderick help me with the filming for this project.

Over the last couple of weeks, while learning more about video editing, I decided I wanted to piece together recordings of my music. I was able to film with multiple cameras, and then I used the picture in picture feature that Final Cut Pro offers. Once I started looking around on YouTube, I was able to find a ton of video editing tips on how to put all the pieces to the puzzle together. My approach to this project took some of the same ideas as my other video edits. I used Powerpoint to make the intro and song titles. I then screenshotted the presentation and added that to Final Cut. I tried my best to line up the audio correctly to the video, which proved to be somewhat challenging at certain parts.

Overall I am thrilled with the outcome of this project, and I am glad that I took the courage to push myself because when it comes to recording myself and playing in front of others, it has been a steep climb! I hope this video can bring some joy, and you all appreciate the hard work that went into making the final product!


  1. It would be interesting to hear more about the copyright claim and dispute. I’m going to guess that the claim was made by a bot. If it were up to me, the claimant would be penalized for such an obviously false claim.

    • Yes, it was most definitly done with a bot. I am not worried about it at this point all the music was public domain. I talked to my instructor and he says that he has the same issue all the time with his videos too.

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