Coroner’s Tale Reflection and The Death of the Painter

Tonight was a lot of fun! I was very pleased with listening to the final product of both my group’s radio show and another group in class!

Coroner’s Tale was incredible! They did an excellent job with sound effects, and the atmosphere was over the top! The different voice effects were done so professionally! What I liked most about this story was how it hooked me into wanting more of its crazy and dark tale! The commercials were also great and kept the same dark humor tone. I felt the isolation, and I think some inspiration was taken from the movie Alien?!

Reflecting on my group’s radio show, it was fun hearing everyone’s feedback on Discord. I had a fun time with this project, and I think while there were mistakes made in the production, the final product was excellent. I had fun with all the commercials, and having them tied into the theme helped make the show!

Great job to both groups! These projects turned out great!!!

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