Excellent assignment, but I found another method!

Hey happy Thursday, Ds106ers! For this fun little GIF assignment, I got to work through a step-by-step procedure, and it was really well documented. I realized that while the instruction was written for a Mac, it might be nicer to focus on web-based converting tools.
So, I found the video that I feel best exemplifies this semester! I have found that the key has been to do something every day, even the weekends, not just for this class but all of my classes!

So I found my video on YouTube, but wait, you ask, I can not download these videos well, luckily this site can help you out! I can not guarantee it will work forever, but I didn’t have issues with this post. Next, I searched for a video clipping tool online and found this easy-to-use site.

Once I had my video clipped, I searched for more GIF creator tools. Today, I found this site with many options, but when I went to download it, I was given a .webm file, not a GIF… liars. No fear because this handy site will let you convert a .webm to a .gif (see the bottom of the post for link).

Well, not that I had my GIF, I was ready to post, but then I realized the massive size of the file over 70MB… this would not do. So again, I went on the search, and after trial and error, I was able to get the file down to 30ish MB at this site. Still large, but luckily gyfcat still accepted it! So I present to you my work!

Hang in there, Eagles, you got this!

mp4 to gif

webm to gif

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