Final Cut is handy!

The process for making this assignment was pretty straightforward. I was asked to find various clips from movies or tv shows and add music to the background. I decided to take clips from some movies I had rewatched recently.

I first found the clips online and downloaded them. The next step was creating a new project and uploading the files to the program. I found it a bit easier to identify timestamps with YouTube and then select the right parts in Final Cut. My favorite feature so far with the program is the ability to extract the audio from a video. I had no idea how to do that last week, but it was effortless. Just right-click and select detach audio.

The final part is using the scissors tool to cut any unnecessary pieces out and use the position tool to rearrange everything. I found using YouTube versus Vimeo much more accessible, and it’s definitely due to how developed the site is, but I don’t think this video will get taken down. The clips are pretty old, and my channel is pretty small. We will see…

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