Hmmm, I think simplicity helps the final results.

For this redo assignment, I tried to make another book cover. This is my original post, and I think it turned out fantastic. This is another cover that I have created, but I think it just has too much going on.

The book in question is an amazing one and will have a movie coming in the future. Andy Weir has three published books, and his newest is Project Hail Mary. He writes sci-fi stories that revolve around plausible scenarios using real physics. I think that is what piques my interest in his writing style. I like the idea of thinking of crazy situations like the one in this book and how people could work together to create a positive outcome!

My book cover was made in Canva, and I wanted to try to make it animated this time. The craft on the cover is a recreation of this ship described in the book. I wanted a green background, and the opposite color of red worked well, but the result looks like a watermelon, not the intended idea for this one. =]

If anyone finds some time over the break, I highly recommend this book!


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