I learned a lot this week! – Weekly Summary

This week was busy as usual for me, but I got it all done! Go me! I tried to approach this week by getting the daily creates out of the way first. My favorite of those assignments was to develop a decorative letter for my first name. I used Gimp to do this, and the bucket tool was beneficial. I think had I used a clearer image, it would have turned out a bit better tho.

There was a lot of writing this week, and my favorite post was about finding three songs that capture an emotion. I thought that linking YouTube videos would be the best approach for this assignment, but I am curious if I could link Spotify or other services. I will have to look into this at some point.

I had some laughs as well. I liked reading this post about someone’s dog. If you can’t tell by now, I am animal obsessed. I think that everyone has made a lot of progress this week, myself included. The next big step I will have to take with this class is to try and make my videos on YouTube or try some video editing. So many things to do and so little time.

I am looking forward to next week #ds106 bloggers!

The weekend is gonna fly by!

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