Inspiration can come from unexpected results.

Wow, ok, this was definitely a shorter wiki post than what I was expecting. My assignment was to write about a randomly-selected Wikipedia page.

The time, 1960. The place, Rome, Italy. Birgit Jensen had prepared for this event for a long time. The Olympics K-2 500 m sprint canoe event. I’m not sure how many of my readers have experienced rowing, but it is the pinnacle of cardiovascular exercise and can take a lot out of a person who is not prepared. Unfortunately for Birgit, she did not fare well in this event and placed 5th. However, I like to think about how Bob Ross handles failure, and I believe that most people training for such a difficult challenge can take defeat in a positive light. It is always a learning opportunity!

Personal growth comes from taking chances and staying out of one’s comfort zone. I like to think that Birgit saw her experience as a fantastic opportunity despite her loss, as many people have never achieved a chance to compete at her level.

I honestly felt like clicking the random button again when getting this page, but I keep reminding myself that even if a task may not be appealing at first, there is always something positive I can learn from it.

Unfortunately, after doing some more research on Birgit, I could not find any pictures of her. I did find records of information on the Olympics site, but that was it. I wonder how she is doing today?

I hope someone finds this short post as a source of inspiration to do good with their day and spread some happiness!

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  1. Great Job connecting the random Wiki article to Bob Ross and how he would handle setbacks. I enjoyed reading your comments on the wiki article and seeing the connections you made to a greater meaning! This was an excellent assignment choice and response!!

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