Let’s all party like it’s 1699!

This was a fun assignment! I got to listen to some music I hadn’t heard in a long time, and I learned another neat trick with editing GIFs. The project asked me to find a musician I like and make a GIF of one of their music videos.

I wanted to make this post a follow-up to the animals’ post I made earlier! So the trick to this assignment was to find the video itself, which was not that hard. YouTube again failed me as they did not want me to download videos; however, I am including a link to the song because the video I ended up using was pretty low quality. Keep in mind the video itself is a bit old.

Internet Archive had the video I wanted. They are a great resource, and they even have the WayBackMachine, which lets you see how the Internet used to be at any particular date!
After downloading the video, I uploaded it to this site, which allowed me to specify timestamps that I wanted and converted it to a GIF. After that, it was just finding the right pieces I wanted!

The program I used for the converting is at this link.

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