My cover grabs more attention!

For this assignment, I was told to design an alternate book cover. However, I am loosely following it because I felt that the book’s title was pretty hard to interpret as anything other than what it says. Also, my choices of immediate books near me were The Hobbit (someone already did this idea =] ), this one, and many programming books!

I wanted to design something attention-grabbing, so I chose yellow as it stands out. Then I considered my next color and felt that purple would best suit because it is an opposite color. I wanted this cover to come off more as a joke than anything, so I kept the goriness of the subject minimal. (Note: when traveling space avoid black holes…)

The program I used for this assignment was again Canva, and it has helped my in several of my classes and personal projects as well!


  1. I like it. It makes it seem fun and accessible. Space can seem too difficult, like it’s too far above me and takes too much effort to learn. It’s for people smarter than me. But I would totally read a book with that cover!

    • This book was a pretty easy one to read he has another one that was released along side of this geared toward a deeper understanding. Im happy with just the basics tho.

  2. I love your thoughtfulness when designing, like your attention to what colors work well together. It seems like a small and obvious thing but you’d be surprised how much the right colors can make a piece pop. I also use Canva for my designs and I’ve found it can be very powerful for making really professional looking designs, like yours! Great work.

  3. I really like the simplicity of the cover. I would be more enticed to read it because it doesn’t look like it will run too many circles around me. I also particularly like the detail that the person is upside down because there is no up in space.

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