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Hey everyone! What a week, I’m starting to sound like a broken record…

So, Monday night, Radio7, the group I am a part of, all met up at the HCC to record our parts for this week’s radio show! The final result, I think, turned out well, primarily because of the planning that went into it! I don’t think we would have had as much success if not for that planning. So taking away this week with the creative process, I learned that for group projects to succeed, there has to be some time spent discussing who is doing what and analyzing the goals for the given task!

Talking more about the progress and steps we took to accomplish this project, I showed up prepared with a microphone and two computers. Luckily I had the backup one because, as chance would happen, I had an issue with Audacity not liking so many tracks in one file. One thing that I think may have helped in the recording process would be to record all the lines at once for each person in a long take. I had started recording and stopping between lines, but after I realized that, I kept picking up the mouse clicks. This made it easier to line up all the tracks in some ways, but I had to go back and edit the mouse clicks out.

The other thing that helped me was using the project’s fade in and fade out effect.

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