Non-human Perspectives: The story of a tree and his family of chatty critters.

To give you all some context on this assignment, I am writing about “a conversation between two non-human living things or through the point of view of one non-human witnessing people go about their daily lives.”

The story starts with a small Oak tree in the middle of a great big forest. The years come, time passes, and all the other trees seem to engulf the small tree. Determined, the small tree began to stretch his branches far and wide. Eventually, a squirrel family built a nest in his branches. The tree was very pleased and provided the family with food for everyone.

Time continued to pass, and the squirrels grew up. They told all the birds about the cozy little tree and how he wished to grow as big as the other trees. The birds went to visit the tree and were pleasantly surprised. He had so many leaves and protected the animals from any danger.

The birds were eager to help this little tree, and they decided that to make a few nests, they would need to gather supplies. They went all the way to the top of the forest and opened up the branches. They took sticks and leaves, anything they could to gather more sunlight for the little tree.

Finally, all the birds and squirrels had gathered their supplies, and the treetops were clear. The little tree now had plenty of light! It was a happy little tree in a brightly lit forest now, and in what seemed only a few weeks, the tree grew like a flash. The tree took care of all the animals, and the animals, in turn, took care of the tree.

I think this is an excellent little short story that shows how teamwork can work miracles. If you are kind and compassionate to others, they will return the favor!


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