Project ideas!

I want to make some short intro music for a radio story. After doing this last project, I think that I enjoy making audio recordings, which will allow me to learn more about recording with audacity.

I need to start working on some script for an original story, and I am curious if anyone else would want to work together on another radio broadcast like the last group project?

Perhaps this project could turn into some sort of YouTube video. Does anyone know how to make digital animations?

EDIT Mar 16th

So after talking to some of the people in the class, some other ideas are for a group project. This one would be another radio show project but would include either photographs or video discussion. The idea is a non-fiction story that could consist of some fictional dramatizations. I welcome others to talk more about ideas too, as we are a small group, but sometimes I think the larger group projects turn out well!


  1. The last project also has significantly inspired my ideas for my final project. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed working on it, and would love to do something similar too

  2. The work you did on this last project was extremely well done and super inspiring. I remember being blown away by not only the outcome but also the sense of passion you could derive from your performances and the sound editing you did. I’d imagine that all of those promising attributes will carry over very well into this final project.

  3. Your final idea sounds interesting and I can’t wait to see (hear?) it. I agree with Bird. I really like the gifs in your blog posts. They bring them to life.

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