Boy, is this week looking tough! I had a hard time choosing which assignment I wanted to tackle today, but I decided on this one!

I found an extension for firefox that allowed me to download YouTube videos, which was helpful, and I wish I had seen that earlier in the semester. It is called “Easy YouTube Downloader Express,” which sounds scammy because it probably is, but hey, I gotta do what I gotta do =] So for this project, I had to edit together some clips and alter the speed of the original clip.

I also created a Vimeo account because it is very evident with this project that I did not make the original videos. But I did attach the original links in the description and also here!

I used Apple’s Final Cut Pro for this assignment, but I have minimal experience, and needless to say, I had trouble. I eventually figured it out, but I got stuck on how to save and export. This program is not user-friendly. However, I am sure it is very nice once you know all the ins and outs. Here is a helpful video if anyone else wants to tackle this.

Happy Tuesday!!!

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