So many tools, too little time to master them all!

I took on the challenge of this assignment from the perspective of needing a break. I don’t know about many of you other ds106ers, but this semester has been the most challenging so far.

The idea was to compose a short song using at least three instruments.
I did not use notation software because I often find it easier to “wing it” when composing music. This is probably a terrible strategy, but it’s also what I like about music; ideas just come from what seems like nothing often. This is also usually my approach when it comes to preserving my songs. I want to make some different tracks and see how it turns out, then without saving, let it exist only at the moment.

For this short little track, I used Logic pro, which being honest, I have minimal ideas with what I am doing besides recording in an audio track. If anyone has an idea of what they are doing with this software, I’m more than willing to listen!

I often like to start with a bass track or some chords when designing music. As nervous as I am posting this stuff here, it is nice to share with other people while learning more about music and audio editing! Keeping in touch with the theme, I have learned to roll with my mistakes and make mistakes into “Happy Trees!”

Bonus picture of my cat Fish attacking my bed… he does this every night…


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