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This has been an enjoyable but lengthy class! There were many moving parts, but I definitely think that it was worth all the effort in the end. My final project was fantastic! I have been learning to play the organ for a little less than a year now, and I think I have been making huge strides in progress. I really appreciate the skills that it takes to produce quality YouTube videos!!! There is so much work involved in editing after the video has been shot. While I knew I could accomplish this project, I still think the final product was better than I anticipated.

Maybe not so surprising to some of you in the class, but I believe the beginning part of the semester was challenging. I still haven’t quite got the task of making a GIF from complete scratch, but giphy was very helpful for making them on my phone.

Some of my favorite posts throughout the semester are listed below:



Also Here

I think the biggest happy accident was the group project radio show that I helped with. The editing for that assignment took a long time, and if I could redo it, I would probably take one long continuous audio recording and then split it up as needed. That same approach actually applies very similarly to the video editing done in Final Cut Pro.

I take away from this class a deeper appreciation for digital storytelling and the time, effort, and energy taken by all sorts of artistic media. However, I think that it is crucial to try one’s best on assignments and appreciate the imperfections because that is what makes things uniquely ours.

To quote the English poet Alexander Pope: ‘To err is human; to forgive, divine.’ That is what I take away with me from this class and in the future with my art!

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