The organ is a challenging instrument!

This assignment is one that I have made up myself! I have been learning to play the piano and church organ since returning to college full time in my spare time! I think this is a fantastic hobby for several reasons. I am learning a skill and putting my extra time into something that I can, in turn, make art that is meaningful to me. The other reason is that learning to play any instrument is essential because it keeps alive the memories and talent of previous generations.

I wanted to share these videos that I recorded this past weekend to get past my nervousness. When playing music alone, I feel at peace, but if I know someone is listening or, honestly, even worse for me is recording, I fumble terribly…

This one is loud warning to you and your speakers

I hope you all enjoy these, and I know in the future, as I continue to practice, I will gain more skills! Happy Thursday, and spread the joy!


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