There’s A Murderer Afoot

Tune in soon to Radio7’s new thriller, featured exclusively on DS106Radio! Our group is diligently working behind the scenes this week to script a fun and exciting story filled with twists and turns.

My thoughts behind this design were to create a clean yet eye-grabbing poster, and I decided to keep the number of colors to as few as possible, with bold font. The final product turned out well, but I had some trouble sending different layers behind each other exactly how I wanted. I made this on Canva, and I enjoy the program’s simple styling.

I am also making commercials for the radio show this week and have had fun doing that so far! I want to save a lot of the details for the upcoming weeks, but I am sure everyone will be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Keep up all the progress this week, everyone. We are almost halfway done with the semester!

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