This was a fun little diversion!

I had a good chuckle reading the description for this assignment! Editing software is a little frustrating, but I know that it is part of the process of learning!
For this assignment, I was told not to use editing software and to take a panoramic picture instead with a cell phone. I luckily had a friend at school today willing to help me out! So we went to the UC!
The provided guide was helpful, but unfortunately, it was for an iPhone. As it turned out, my friend has one, so he saved me twice today!

Here is the link to the whole photo

I am always amazed at how technology has improved. I remember when smartphones were first coming out and never thought that cameras would become so advanced!
Android phones do have panoramic mode, so I will have to see if it works similarly in the future. Please ignore the last bit of the photo, as there was a glitch in the Matrix.

Thanks, Elizabeth, for writing this assignment!


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