What an Interview!

I was asked to answer some questions about a fun video assignment for this assignment. I think I am getting the hang of editing videos slowly in Final Cut Pro, but I was initially lost with how to add a slide with text responses.

I realized, why not just make a PowerPoint with the questions and my responses, then take screenshots of the presentation and add that to the video. I must be lucky because this worked! I also figured out how to change the different tools to cut up the original video and insert my pieces.

There are so many parts to this week’s assignments. I am glad that I am figuring out how to use this program! I see some of the others assignments, and they are turning out well. Keep up all the hard work, DS106ers!

Also, on a sad note… The creator of the GIF has passed away, Stephen Wilhite. Below is his and the very first uploaded GIF.


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