What great ideas!

Looking over the class’s ideas for a final project was fun!

I like the idea of weaving mystery into the projects. This post was great, and I particularly like their vision “to make a story about what would happen if one of the world’s most evil political figures decided to accidentally come back to life in the present day.” I think that would make for an exciting project and would have some funny but probably dark reactions by people.

Another great idea was a small group of people in class that want to produce “a multi-media campaign about ocean conservation and the shark finning industry. We are going to connect this to Bob Ross by using his ocean-themed painting and quotes that relate to our message.” I think this really ties in with the class theme and will have a great final result because they are planning ahead with so much detail!

The final idea that I saw seems to be extra mysterious, and I think that will play out really well in the end! This is their thoughts on the project, “the project is meaningful for me, and hopefully, a public audience may find meaning in it even if the meaning is nothing more than inspiring their own creativity.” No doubt it will turn out well because they seem to be very motivated about the idea, and they consider how others will react to the final product!

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