Why should you never talk to pi?

Because he’ll just go on forever!

This week I had three daily creates that are as follows:

Turning this into a short story is a bit of a stretch, but hey, I gonna go with it!

One fateful morning the rock band Hats for the Spacemen decided that enough was enough and that they would finally release their next long-awaited album. So they rushed into the study with creativity on the brain and their hearts full of imagination! The band consisted of two members, Neil and Buzz. They had just solved the latest algorithm that would enable light-speed travel to become a thing of reality! The duo quickly decided that the songs they made that day would be dedicated to the wonderous mathematical constant Pi. The album would become the most sold album of all time, and the duo celebrated with day with a slice of apple pie for dessert.

Thanks for going on that short little story with me, and Happy Pi Day!


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