Hey everyone, again…

Hello again, well, what can I say, but WordPress has been proving to be fun to learn. As an excellent recommendation to anyone reading this, make sure you backup your websites just as you would any other data. I have had to learn that the hard way, unfortunately…

Weenie the Chiweenie ready for another semester at UMW! #ds106 #marywash

This is my dog, Weenie! Ready for school this week!

I am a Computer science and Cybersecurity student at UMW. I love all things technology-related. I also play several musical instruments, but my main focus has been the piano and organ over the past several years. I have included some of the social media posts I have made throughout this past week.

Good luck to everyone this semester. I know we will all do well with some effort and a positive attitude!


  1. Yes, I ran the the Latin text from the front page of your site through Google Translate. You did a great job of working through some happy accidents this week. They’re all learning opportunities.

    • Yes, I actually just finished up a meeting with the DKC and they gave me some helpful pointers! All of the Latin you have seen on the site is from a default theme. I am working now on some of the extra customization on this snowy day.

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