Relaxin’ with Ross

Hey everyone, what a week so far! For this week’s assignment, the video I watched was about a painting of an old barn. I enjoyed this episode and thought that the painting turned out well! I was curious to find out what price someone would sell an original Ross painting for today and found one for sale on eBay asking for $88,000!

I believe that telling stories help lead to other ideas of future paintings and other mediums for art. As the viewer of Bob Ross, we can take his stories and help carry on his inspirational attitude and loving nature into whatever we do in life. This can apply to all types of work, not just art; it’s a philosophical way of living life and being kind to others.

“We don’t make mistakes. We just have happy accidents.” I think this is a beautiful way of saying to cut yourself some slack and others too, that mistakes are a part of life and one should make the best of every moment in life.

“Just beat the devil out of it.” Not much here, just a funny saying he likes to say when cleaning his brush.

“All right, maybe today, tell you what let’s do. Let’s get crazy. Let’s take the old filbert brush, I wanna take some of that brown that I made, and we’ll use the old filbert.” I find his calm, slow way of talking mixed with some of the outrageous things like “Let’s get crazy” funny as well as ironic. It’s like saying, Let’s get crazy, wash some dishes, and take out the trash!

“Just let it work itself out.” I like this one! To me, it is precisely what it says. All things in time will find a way to work themselves out.

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