Week Uno in Review

public char reviewTime() {

String areYouReadyDS_106 = “Wow this week was a lot of work! I had to navigate setting up and creating several social media accounts. Twitter Instagram Flickr Soundcloud YouTube and the most challenging and still work in progress my WordPress site! I found the resources provided to navigate WordPress helpful, additionally I checked out this video which game me a great start as well. I am really looking forward to what I can learn in this class. Some of the easier aspects of this class were setting up and creating all the social tools I will need to be successful in this class. I was very pleased to learn that I would be putting together my own website with this course as that is something I have wanted to do but had not set aside the time needed until now. Some of the layout of WordPress is not the easiest to navigate for a beginner like myself, and if I had to pick one thing this week that drove me crazy, that is it! I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone else does with this class, I feel I learn best when I have other people to work together with on projects. I believe that teamwork especially in an online environment will offer me opportunities I have not had with my other classes at Mary Washington.”;

return ‘A’;


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