Feed Me More Paper – Wade

For this assignment I was tasked with making a short song on Chrome Music Lab. The title of the song is Feed Me More Paper, and symbolizes the oppression of the Printers’ stuggle with a lack of food-supply from it’s cruel masters. The Printers are coming to take over the digital art landscape, no one can escape!

I wanted to write a short little song in a minor key. It kind of transformed into this rythmic pattern that reminded me of paper printing. I think for a short little song this little creative app works well enough but I didn’t really like the limitations. Sometimes its important when creating art however, to restict the tools available because if forces you to make the most of what you have!

I also think the song because of its rhythm reminds me of this YouTube channel, the creator is brilliant for making songs out of old disk drives.


  1. This is amazing! I absolutely love how you created a story to go with your song, especially considering there aren’t any lyrics. It reminds me a bit of some retro video game music. Amazingly done!

    • Thank you! This was actually a pretty easy post, i’m suprised more people have not tried this one. The application is pretty fast for making a short little song like that and fun!

  2. This is really cool! I didn’t even know apps existed that allow you to make music this way, and I think you were very successful at making a music clip. I also love the story you added to provide more information about the song. It definitely fit and gave the song more meaning.

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