So much stuff!!! Why GIF so Challenging!!

Hey everyone, for my final assignment this week, I chose to do one that covered editing a GIF. I thought this would be a relatively easy assignment, but oh no, user beware… I started this assignment by looking up how to edit animations in Gimp, which has been a helpful tool this week, but it is not very user intuitive. After some time, I decided to look up a guide. This one here was helpful, and even more, I tried to install an additional plug-in from this recommendation. But alas, these were fruitless. My next attempt was searching for online gif editors. As a side note, the pronunciation of GIF is hotly debated; even Merriam-Webster wants to stay neutral. But back to the online editors, I found one very helpful but still limiting way to edit the background after several attempts. Thank you, Canva! So if you are still here after this silly little rant, below is my work for your enjoyment!

This GIF is how I think my animals feel about me when I spend all day on the computer doing school work and programming. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing at the moment.

Some other helpful tips that I can give anyone working on editing GIF’s are:

  • My GIF was very large even after compressing it, so to get it to load I had to upload it to this, handy site.


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